Nnenna's Faves

"With all the gorgeous fabrics we offer for head wraps, I often find myself reaching for certain prints and fabrics. It's kinda like your collection of lipstick. You have so many colors, but certain shades become your favorites. Below, you'll find 6 of my current head wrap faves.

Teshie and our new Denim head wraps are great staples and pair well with almost anything. Our hand printed head wraps are my absolute favorite. I wear them the most. They're lightweight but firm enough for a style that requires a little structure. They're also fully printed on both sides. And of course, our inspiration for starting it all, African print. These wraps have some of my favorite colors. I also love the chunky prints." 

Head Wraps: Teshie, the Best Denim Head Wrap, Slate, Pina, Amara and Maha

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Teshie - Head Wrap - The Wrap Life
Slate - Head Wrap - The Wrap Life
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Pina - Head Wrap - The Wrap Life
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Amara - Head Wrap - The Wrap Life
Maha - Head wrap - The Wrap Life