Does the Length of your Head Wrap Really Matter?

Head Wrap 101: Understanding the Length of Head Wraps 

Whether you’re a newbie to the head wrap game, or well versed in it, you may be wondering… does the length of your head wrap matter? I’m here to help bust some of the head wrap myths and inform you on why the length of your head wrap may (and may not matter), depending on your personal preferences and hair volume. I’ll break it down for you and help you to understand the reasons why you should wear a head wrap, and how to decide on the right length for you. 

 Why should I wear a head wrap?

  1. To ensure protective styling. Head wraps not only help keep hair in place, but also serve as protective accessories while also ensuring that your hair is safe from drying fabrics. It's ideal to wear a satin (or a similar fabric) covering underneath the wrap to help with moisture retention and protect hair from breakage. 
  2. To express yourself. Many people, like myself, wear head wraps to express their individuality. That said, they’re also a convenient way to look fashionable and cover your hair in many different, attention-grabbing ways. 
  3. To celebrate your heritage. As the natural hair industry continues to boom, many have come to love their natural curls and look to head wraps as a point of pride. They’re also worn to celebrate culture, ancient heritage, and traditional celebrations.
  4. To avoid styling your hair during the day. Head wraps are a great way to keep your curls in check when you’re on the run. 

Understanding the length of your head wrap:

The length of your wrap depends on your personal fit preferences. For example, my go-to is the Classic Flow Head Wrap. And while The Wrap Life offers a variety of head wraps — from firm to drapey and stretchy options — each wrap offers a different length. Here’s an example of The Wrap Life’s head wraps and how each one varies in length: 

  • Classic Flow Head Wrap: 40x72 inches
  • Tencel Flow Wraps: 19.5 inches x 72 inches
  • Printed Flow Head Wraps: 28x70 inches
  • Firm Head Wraps: 22x72 inches
  • Ribbed Stretch Head Wraps: 22x65 inches 

What does size have to do with it?

  • While a head wrap that’s 40x72 inches is long enough to cover the sides of the head, this length is ideal for a turban twist, knot, and wrap knot — offering a variety of looks that wrap around your entire head.
  • Depending on the circumference of your head, you may opt for a slightly smaller length like a wrap that’s 22x65 inches. 
  • If you have longer, curly hair that you want completely tucked into the wrap, however, a 72” may provide a more comfortable fit.

Ultimately, shape and wrap fabric play a big role in the style you’re looking to achieve. For example, silk or satin wraps may not stay in place as well as cotton, nylon, or polyester. So, go ahead and experiment with head wrap sizes and fabrics to understand which works best for the style you’re looking to achieve. 

Check out head wrap tutorials here to get a better idea for the look, feel, and how-to with head wrap sizes and variations.

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