Meet Heem Black

When I stumbled upon Heem Black on Instagram, I admired his ability to be expressive outside what's generally understood as "normal".  I also saw an opportunity to support his expression and get some schooling on gender for myself and the Wrap Life's followers. As a human and woman of color, I understand why information and allies are important. These two breakdown barriers and remind us that we're all trying to figure out this challenging experience called life.  

I'll admit, before speaking with Heem Black, I wasn't really sure what genderqueer meant. Of course Google is everyone's friend when you need quick access to information. However, there's something insightful about being able to connect new understanding to someone who has personal life experience.

I've invited Heem to share his experiences, his love for style and school us about gender fluidity.



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We're dedicated to supporting those who are underrepresented. I believe we're on this planet to live our own truth, not conform to an idea that was established well before we're born. If you feel apprehensive, take this opportunity to understand someone who isn't like you. And remember, compassion and respect before judgment. 

-- Nnenna Stella


  • Lissa

    Came on the site for a tutorial this morning and I clicked on this page by accident, and WHAT! I’m so excited! I love the honesty about not knowing things and the genuine drive to make the world accepting! So happy to support this company and proud to be wearing your product on my head today :)

  • Ashley

    I just want to say I LOVE your page and i love even more the tutorial. It makes me want to buy more headwraps when I have more ideas of how to use them with my natural hair.

  • Fia

    I don’t have a question, I just wanna say that he is absolutely f***ing fabulous, and I am here for it! 🖤

  • Karen Camara

    This should be an interesting ride as I’ve never heard the term either. I will stay tuned.

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