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The Wrap Life believes in curating a safe space for self-expression. This collection offers inspired prints that feel like you. Each piece has a unique, care-free flair with premium-quality fabrics, and stunning patterns for any occasion. 

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FLAIR is an invitation to explore, feel joy, and have fun. Creating endless experimental options that inspire–each wrap is lightweight, bold, and smooth. FLAIR offers more ways to elevate your look with a comfortable, soft polyester fabric–you might forget you’re even wearing it. Our intuitive and classic approach to FLAIR’s design is reflective of our growing and expanding audience; which means anyone is welcome to discover their truest self. Embark on your confidence journey with infinite destinations.

FLAIR printed head wraps come in nine, everyday patterns and colors ranging from Dashing in Brown and Blue, Dida in Umber and Black, and even the traditional black and white houndstooth. Whether you’re an everyday wrapper or a beginner looking to experiment, FLAIR is for you. 


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