Special updates

Hello Wrap Loves,  

If you place an order and would like it to arrive before Christmas, follow the guidelines below. Please note, all couriers are experiencing major delays during this holiday season. The dates below are only estimates and are not guaranteed. Once your order is fulfilled, we cannot ensure the delivery timeframe noted by any courier will be met. 


Delivery before Christmas for Domestic Customers

*Revised December 16th, 2020, due to inclement weather

Orders must be placed by 10 am EST time on the dates listed below:

Standard Ship Option: December 4

Expedited Ship Option: December 14

Overnight Ship Option: December 14


Delivery before Christmas for International Customers

Orders must be imported by 10am EST time on the dates listed below:

Standard : (please look into these details with your own local post office as it will vary by country)

Australia: November 27

UK/EU: November 27

Canada: November 27

Expedited: December 9th


Orders placed on the following days will be fulfilled 2-3 business days later:

Thanksgiving: Thursday, November 26 

Christmas: Friday, December 25

New Year's Day: Friday, January 1



Please be aware that USPS is experiencing massive network-wide delays. 

This will impact your orders in the following ways:

- It will take longer for USPS to scan in your packages. This means you might get a tracking status of ‘Pre-shipment” for up to 5 days. Your package is at USPS waiting to be scanned in and sorted by a postal worker. 

- Your orders will require more time to deliver. USPS currently has a major shortage in drivers and transportation, as stated on their website.