Special updates

Hello Wrap Loves,  

Here you'll find updates pertaining to safety measures, fulfillment, and inventory restocks. Thank you for your patience as we navigate the challenges that arise due to Covid-19.  This event is unprecedented and we'll do what we can to keep you updated. We hope you're staying safe and healthy. 



- Yes, we're still receiving and shipping orders that are placed online. 


Safety measures

- Each person handling your order is required to wear protective gloves and safety masks.

- Cleaning and disinfecting has increased and surfaces are cleaned several times an hour. 


Fulfillment and shipping

- Orders typically ship in 1 business day. We are requesting an additional 2 business days to fulfill your order. We're currently seeing that most orders are shipping in 2 days as of March 24, 2020. 



- All non-essential businesses in NYC must comply with the Pause issued by the state of New York, effective March 22, 2020. In addition, due to logistical challenges in supply chain for businesses both small and large around the world, inventory restocks will be delayed. We do not anticipate a major restock for at least 3 weeks.  Please sign up for a restock notice on the product page for the items you desire. You'll receive an email the moment your product restocks.


Retail store

- The Wrap Life retail store is closed until further notice.