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Rewards from us to you

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Your loyalty means the world to us. Our Unwrap rewards program is our way of giving back a little bit of the love. Collect threads in exchange for discounts, special perks and free gifts.

How it works

Refer friends

Get 500 threads when the friend you refer places an order. Your friend gets $5 off their first order.

Collect threads

Sign up, write a review, follow us and share our products on social media to collect threads.

Redeem threads

Once you’ve collected enough threads you can trade them in whenever you like and receive some awesome perks.

Unwrap VIP Benefits

Tier 1


Collect 0 to 1,999 threads

Create the beauty you want to see in the world. Be creative, expressive and generous.

Tier 2


Collect 2000 to 3,499 threads

Forge intentionally into colorful territory. Boldly create new ways of being and living.

Tier 3


Collect 3500+ threads

Think about the future with imagination and wisdom. You are inspired and magical.

Trade in your threads

Points earned for every $ spent 5 6 7
Seasonal Savings $ $$ $$$
Spend threads on cash discounts
UnWrap Birthday threads
Early access to promotions
Early access to new collections

Terms & Conditions

Shipping not included • Points not valid on tax or shipping costs • No other coupon code valid when redeeming reward points *Restrictions may apply. Any rewards discounts that are applied to the order, will be distributed equally to the applicable items in the order when completing a return. Email support@thewrap.life for more info.

View Unwrap FAQs & Terms