Sage Sampler || Small

$ 12.00 

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  • Each order comes with 3 mini smudges. 
  • White sage, Cedar sage, and Blue sage. 
  • 4.25-5"

Here's how I smudge with sage:

I light the bundle then blow out the fire. Allow the stick to release smoke. You can use a glass bowl or flame proof container to catch the ash. 

I walk into each room and space I intend to cleanse. I allow the room or space to fill with smoke while imagining it is being cleared of energies and emotions that are no longer useful. 

Then, I feel the kind of emotions and energy I want to live in this space. That could be gratitude, creativity, calm or anything I intend to attract to a space. I hold that feeling and give thanks for its presence. I do this in each room until I feel my home has been cleared and reset. In warmer months, I open windows and doors so fresh air can flow. 

You'll eventually develop your own practice and ritual for clearing your space.  Let your intuition be your guide.

Sizes will vary slightly. Do not leave lit smudges unattended. 

// All sacred space is final sale.