Double Knot

Double Knot Tutorial

Feeling playful? Here’s a tutorial for you… This style is unfussy and made for those of us who need simplicity in our grooming routines. Bandies are versatile and for any occasion from brunch with friends to a pilates class. Our Bandies are stretchy, soft, and luxurious––coming in a multitude of colors and materials. So whether you’re new to this wrap game or are an expert level wrapper looking for an easy go-to style, this is a must-have product. Our lovely model is wearing our Satin Lined Bandie, offering an extra level of protection for your crown.


With the satin facing inward, place the Bandie evenly behind your head and twice in the front. Tuck away the remaining fabric and adjust the peaking satin, if any. Show off your look by snapping a photo for Instagram or Facebook and tag us!


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