Our story

Words by our founder, Nnenna Stella

When I started the Wrap Life, my intention was to make beautiful products while having the freedom to choose how I worked and showed up daily. Today, my vision is to be the world’s most inclusive hair accessory brand offering products that are beautiful, functional, and intentionally designed. It’s a big vision and I was actually nervous about sharing it with my team. But it’s my belief that big statements push you into new territories where you can discover more of what’s possible.

Nnenna Stella

I started the company in Brooklyn, New York, in the garden apartment of a brownstone. I’ve learned so much since then, it’s humbling to reminisce about how far the brand has evolved.

What drives me is the question, “what else can we do” or “how can we do this better?”

I’m driven to be surprised by how my team can show up. And we all get really excited about delighting our customers with new products and stories. I’ve learned it’s really the simple things in life that create massive personal growth and self expression. If the Wrap Life can support our customers in growth and self expression by solving the little things, that’s a major contribution to someone’s life.

Nnenna Stella

We are uniquely suited to win because we’re constantly asking ourselves questions about what’s possible. While the work is often overwhelming, we are guided by the magic of connecting and dreaming up new possibilities.