Easy to Glide On

Satin Lined Turban

A style inspired by the Empress of Blues, Bessie Smith. This chic flapper-like look is perfect for protecting your roots and elevating any ensemble with ease. Our Ribbed Satin Lined Turbans caress and care for every single strand––preventing breakage and retaining moisture. So let your hair down, grab your favorite turban, and follow one of the easiest tutorials for a flawless look.  

Step one: With your hair down, cover your scalp with the designated, and spacious area of the turban, leaving the “looped” part of the fabric toward your face  

Step two: Twist the looped fabric twice and take the remaining “loop” and bring it around your head like a band 

Step three: Adjust the ribbed fabric to face outwards and tuck any remaining satin in

Step four: Snap a photo and show us on Instagram or Facebook and tag us!  

Gabriella is wearing our Ribbed Satin Lined Turban in Amaranth in this three-step tutorial. This deeply vibrant purple wrap which mimics the breathtaking flower emulates a deep winter, complimenting any gemstone colors paired with it. Our turbans come in seven stunning and versatile colors and are meant to be worn by everyone, for everyone. 


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