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Active Collection

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Feel free and fit with a selection of stunning bandies crafted for comfort and movement. Explore the flex, sweat-proof sensation of our activewear meant for your workout routine and everything in between. With its creora lining, this collection offers protection while keeping perspiration in-place. Our principles are caring about your hair, while delivering coziness, confidence, and creativity. This collection was made for everyone and anyone looking for high-quality leisurewear and accessories that stay-in-place while you don’t! So whether you’re a gymbody or busybody, we’ve got you covered.

Allure Collection

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Embrace opulence and glamor with the  ALLURE. Made-to-wear and gleaming with conviviality, this collection sparks feelings of cheer and benevolence––giving way to a variety of dazzling colors and luxurious headwear that highlights anytime.  Voluminous and lightweight, ALLURE is generous, offering stretch satin and comfortable elastic for easy protective styling––making for the perfect fit and thoughtful gift. Made for a variety of different hair types and styles, these silky accessories compliment its wearer and create a sumptuous look for any soiree.  Knotted Headband in Gold and Silver Satin Scrunchie with Six Color Pack of Two Knitted Scrunchie with Four Color Sets

AURA Collection

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Celebrate the summer with a dazzling arrangement of fresh and vibrant headwraps made for you. This collection showcases bold colors, lush fabrics, and an intimate aura aimed at achieving a space for creativity.

Cuffed Satin Lined Beanies

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CUFFED BEANIES have a feather-soft cotton exterior, premium satin-lined interior, and a beautiful stretch––leaving you with breathable, protective winterwear. Our beanies are gender-neutral, made for men, women, and anyone who loves unisex accessories. Incredible ultra-soft touch Breathable and oh-so-cozy Satin Lining locks in moisture with protective coverage One size fits most both men and women Designed for everyday wear

Dainty Collection

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Provoke your senses with an array of delicate bandies and turbanettes designed for effortlessness. A selection of stunning classic colors, Dainty is soft with its cotton and spandex blend and satin lining for Bandies. We’re giving ultimate comfort and delicate play––no snags or tugs, only softness for its wearer. 

Flair Collection

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The Wrap Life believes in curating a safe space for self-expression. This collection offers inspired prints that feel like you. Each piece has a unique, care-free flair with premium-quality fabrics, and stunning patterns for any occasion. 

Harvest Collection

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Experience the aesthetic of earth-toned neutrals crafted for seasonality and poise. HARVEST was made to embrace the tried-and-true, illustrious autumnal palette––creating a modern and simple design to compliment the equinox. Available: Bandies: Adjustable and tie to secure Head Wraps: Easy to glide on and perfect to be evening turban

Outline Collection

A brand new collection of sleek Turbanettes and Bandies. Form-defining contours tempered by warm, earthy tones. Soft and refined, yet substantial enough for more structured styling.  

Renew Collection

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Kind on your hair, and on the planet. Bandies and Turbanettes crafted from a blend of botanical and synthetic fabrics. Responsibly sourced and low impact. 

Satin Lined Headband

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Caress your crown by admiring the smooth and supple feel of our Knotted Headband. With its glossy interior, soft exterior, and a little spandex for an easy fit, this collection is everyday protective headwear. With just a simple knotted approach, styling has never been easier. Fabricated with a blend of 95% viscose and 5% spandex, these woven headbands with satin lining offer the necessary support needed for your strands. Satin lining is gentle on hair and skin, and encourages your natural hair to lock-in moisture with no pulling or fuss––Wearers of this collection will feel sumptuous. 

Satin Lined Printed Bucket Hats

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Classic print, classic hat. Perfect pair. Various styles of bucket hats have emerged overtime, influenced by fashion, music and culture. WL has created our version. Black and Sand use a traditional mudcloth print with a history that goes back to the 12th century, Mali. Umber is a bolden brown contemporary print.  Our bucket hats are made with 100% cotton and are lined with premium satin. Bold and vibrant patterns pay homage while lightweight cotton preps you for easy, everyday wear.  

Satin Lined Winter Turbans

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Satin Lined Winter Turbans have a soft touch and are perfectly lined with premium satin. Available in 3 colors, Onyx, Sienna, and Pewter. Whether you're running errands, commuting, or brunching, Winter Turbans make staying warm and comfortable easy. Incredibly lightweight, satin lining locks in moisture with protective coverage  An easy winter accessory for braving wind, snow, and low temps. A classic turban style made for those who want to elevate their winter style. Fits best on low-volume hairstyles. 

Touch Collection

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A collection of ribbed head wraps, bandies and turbans composed of gentle, quality fabrics for easy, come-as-you-are styling. Celebrating everything you love about our hair accessories, with buttery fit and feel.