Who Can Wear Head Wraps

We’ve received many questions and comments about who is “allowed” to wear head wraps. As a Black owned business that deliberately celebrates Black women through the images on our site, many people understandably assume that the products we make are primarily for Black women and no one else.
We believe wearing head wraps is for everyone, because it has always been for everyone. For many centuries, women and men around the world have worn head wraps in numerous styles, with various fabrics, for many different reasons.
The word turban comes from Turkey where in the 1200s, men would wear turbans to protect themselves from extreme weather. In India, the Sikhs wear their first head wrap known as a pagri, after a coming-of-age ceremony. In West Africa, head wraps are worn for many reasons. They are fashion accessories, worn to celebratory events and styled for everyday expression.

The Wrap Life was inspired by West African expressions of head dress. We wear head wraps because they’re beautiful, fun and they allow colorful self-expression.

We are inclusive and encourage all women and men to use and explore our products. If you have reservations, we suggest a head wrap from either our solid, handprinted or non-traditional collections.

Welcome to the Wrap Life.