Do you know your Viscose from your Tencel or the difference between a Bandie and Turbanette? It's about to all be cleared up.

Fabric Types


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Viscose fabric has such a soft feel and drape, it was once called artificial silk. We blended with cotton, our favorite for comfort, and added a touch of spandex for stretchability in our Outline Collection.


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Cotton head wraps often have a bit more firmness to them allowing for more structured styling. Wraps in our Standard Head Wrap Collection are 100% cotton.

Long Staple Cotton

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The length here refers to the length of the cotton fibers used for the garment. Short staple cotton is often used for every day garments. Long Staple Cotton has smoother and silkier feel making it perfect for head wear as you'll find in our Renew Collection.


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Tencel is a type of rayon, like viscose and modal. These cellulose fibres are all made in a similar way: by dissolving wood pulp and using a special drying process called spinning. Before drying, the wood chips are mixed with a solvent to produce a wet mixture. This enchanting fabric type is used in each of our head wraps in the Tencel collection.


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Perhaps the most protective style of fabric for hair is the satin finish. Incredibly gentle on hair and with its signature sheen, our Satin Lined bandies and turbanettes were created to be the epitome of style and protection.


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Our polyester blends are durable, soft, and allow for beautifully pigmented head wraps. Perhaps the best example of this is our Pleated Flow collection. These 100% polyester head wraps are cloud soft and gentle on the hair. Many of our printed head wraps are also 100% polyester.


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Softer and a bit silkier than cotton, Modal is another fabric we use in our products that is kind to your hair and the planet. Modal is a botanical fiber that is recycled to create soft clothing and in our case soft bandies, and turbanettes.

Product Types

Head Wrap

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Full length wraps in a variety of textures and colorways. For versatility that brings your unique vision to life. Discover the allure of pattern play with our inspired prints or our tencel head wraps made with botanical fibers. Shop over 40 head wraps across 5 collections. 


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Bandies are made with the same high quality fabrics as our head wraps, cut in a perfectly tapered design. It's a multi-style option perfect for going out, working out, or everyday wear. 

Satin Lined Turban

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Soft and stretchy, these satin-lined, full coverage turbans slip on in seconds. Great for those with smaller manes who want the “put together” look of a head wrap, effortlessly. Best for low volume styles like braids, twists, or short fades.


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Offering the striking appeal of head wraps with the simplicity of a one-size-fits-most design. Made with an eco-friendly botanical blend, our Renew Turbanettes provide the soft, smooth stretch while Ribbed Turbanettes offer a classic headband look.


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Our ruched satin hair ties that perfectly ties it all together. Dress up your kinks, coils, curls, locs, and braids with rich jewel tones and earthy neutrals that pop.