Celebrate the summer with a dazzling arrangement of fresh and vibrant headwraps made for you

Vibrant Head Wrap

AURA connects both festive color and divine vibration to produce a feeling you can wear. With our famed softness, elevated comfort, and lively vision, it has never been easier to wrap. We kept you in mind when crafting this line, giving way to a playful aesthetic that can be worn any time, anywhere. Be sure to join us in a summer full of joy, leisure, and passion.

AURA comes in an array of styles and colors including striking pleated headwraps, must-have bandies, and fluffy scrunchies. Colors range from gemstone inspired hues such as Quartz, Emerald, and Sapphire, to delicate tones that are naturalistic like doves and roses. AURA is for everyone, so join us while it’s still warm.

AURA, colors and textures to vibe with.


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