I got the idea for an active product in 2020 during Covid shutdowns

active head bandie

I got the idea for an active product in 2020 during Covid shutdowns. Living near Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York, many of us flocked to the park for outdoor exercise. I can’t remember if gyms were forced to close yet but even if they hadn't, most were a little paranoid about being in closed spaces. 

For exercise, I'd ride my bike around the park. It’s a 3 mile loop with runners, walkers, parents pushing strollers, and cyclists. While riding the loop, I noticed WOC with various hair wrappings and headbands attempting to cover and protect their hair while working out. Some of the coverings looked very heavy and stuffy. Others weren’t lined and offered very little protection from friction. I too, found it difficult to protect my hair while wearing a helmet and needed something flat and thin. So, the idea for an active bandie was born. 

I searched for and sampled fabrics with excellent stretch, functional support, and a satin soft handfeel. I also wanted breathability, a firm hold that doesn’t restrict, and sweat wicking properties. Our Active Bandies have all these qualities and are available in 3 colors: Black, Violet, and Sage

Explore the flex, sweat-proof sensation of our Active Bandie meant for your workout routine and everything in between. With satin soft lining, this collection offers protection while keeping perspiration in-place. Our principles are caring about your hair, while delivering coziness and confidence. This collection was made for everyone and anyone looking for high quality active hair accessories that stay in place. So whether you’re a gymbody or busybody, we’ve got you covered.


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