Bangs out

Bangs out Tutorial

This is for our full-coverage wrappers! Any and all lengths are welcome here (don’t be discouraged by our model’s bun, this look is for everyone!) This is the ultimate protective style, offering all around protection for delicate hairdos, bad hair days, or for religious and personal reasons. Our Printed Head Wraps are classic and made for everyday wear. So take those bangs out (if you have ‘em) and grab your wrap to get started on this essential tutorial.


Step one: Cover your entire head of hair with the wrap, ensuring the print is facing outward

Step two: Tie twice in the front

Step three: Take the hanging fabric and bring behind your head, tying once to secure

Step four: Tuck away any hanging or excess fabric

Step five: Snap a photo and show us on Instagram or Facebook and tag us!



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