15 Second Crown

15 Second Crown Tutorial

This stunning braided crown is the style of the season! This perfectly twisted wrap radiates celestial energy and enhances your face and hair. This shows topping look will turn heads left and right! Our Pleated Head Wraps are light, beautifully textured, and most importantly, easy-to-wrap! So wear your favorite hairdo, grab your wrap, and follow this easy step-by-step tutorial.


Our glowing model Kassandra is wearing the Pleated Head Wrap in Forest in this tutorial. Capturing a splendid earthy green, Forest fits comfortably in any Autumn color palette and pairs well with any warm and neutral tones. Our Pleated Head Wraps is our best selling collection and the absolute fan favorite among our Wrap Life fam! So grab yourself one… or ten!


Step one: Fold your wrap two to three times widthwise to create a size that will sit comfortably around the band of your head 

Step two: Wearing your hair back in your preferred ‘do, evenly take the wrap and tie once right behind one of your ears. It’s important that the wrap is as even as possible, otherwise the braided effect will look untidy

Step three: Twist the hanging fabric around each other, creating the “braid”

Step four: Tuck the “braid” in the fabric behind the opposite ear from the initial knot made earlier

Step five: Snap a photo and show us on Instagram or Facebook and tag us!



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