#1 Summer Style

Ribbed Head Wrap in Amaranth

Did someone say Summer?! This refreshing and glamorous look channels warm and sunny energy (even if it isn’t really summer!) If you’re in need of some solar beams and rays of sunshine… this is the wrap for you. Our featherweight Plated Head Wraps are versatile and offer slip-free security. So wear your favorite hairstyle (bangs are not required!) and follow this detailed tutorial that should be in every wrappers repertoire.


Our cheery model Kassandra is wearing our Pleated Head Wrap in Mauvie in this tutorial. This breathtaking earthy pink emulates a dusty rose and fits nicely in any Spring, Autumn, or Summer palette and can pair well with any cool-toned hues. Our Pleated Head Wraps fly off our virtual shelves. They’re a fan favorite for a reason! So treat yourself to a few colors… you’ll thank us later.


Step one: Fold the wrap widthwise, two to three times. Enough to color the band of your head

Step two: Evenly place the wrap behind your head and tie once in the front

Step three: Twist the two hanging pieces of fabric around each other to create a “braided” effect

Step four: Take the “braid” and place it above the first knot you made in the opposite direction you twisted the “braid” so it sits comfortable atop the initial knot

Step five: Tuck the remaining braid at the back of your head

Step six: Snap a photo and show us on Instagram or Facebook and tag us!


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