Ribbed Turbanette w/ Locs


Do you have locs and feel totally lost when wrapping? Well here’s an easy way to keep those stunning locs in place and out of your face. They’re also your best friend when you want to cover new growth! Our Ribbed Turbannettes are stretchy and downright comfortable. If you’re in need of an accessory that can be put on faster than the blink of an eye… look no further.


Our stunning model is wearing our Ribbed Turbanette. This turbanette is perfect for working out, date nights, or even for bed! They’re made for on-the-go wrappers and are the ideal travel partner, taking up little-to-no space in your bag for emergency styling. Everyone needs a turbanette in their wrap life.


Gently put the turbanette through your head, almost like you’re putting on a t-shirt. At this point, the turbanette should be around your neck. With the knotted section facing the front (aka your face), pull the turbanette over your face, pushing back your locs. Feel free to wear your ears in or out, totally your preference! 



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