Wrap around with a twist

Wrap around with a twist

Feel like royalty with this golden tiara look. This beautiful twisted front-braid keeps your strands in-place and hair out of your gorgeous face. If you’re looking to enhance your side profile and create a stunning silhouette, this style is for you. Our Ribbed Head Wraps are remarkably flexible and don’t irritate your scalp. So wear an updo and follow this simple-and-easy tutorial that’ll become your go-to.


Founder and designer Nnenna Stella styles model Kassandra and enhances her beauty. Kassandra is wearing our Ribbed Head Wrap in Marigold, named after the flower which represents positive emotions and energy. This style has major Spring and Autumn colors and can be easily paired with any gray or red-toned hues. Ribbed Head Wraps are a closet essential and a versatile accessory upgrades every look.


Step one: Wearing your hair up, evenly place the wrap at the front of your head, outlining your hairline/edges (your ears can be in or out, your choice!)

Step two: Taking the wrap behind your head, twist twice to secure and bring the remaining fabric forward to the front of your head

Step three: Tie once in the front and tuck away any remaining fabric

Step four: Snap a photo and show us on Instagram or Facebook and tag us!


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