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Active Workout Bundle
Active Bandie in Violet
Active Bandie in Sage
Active Bandie in Black
Active Workout Bundle
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Active Workout Bundle

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Get ready to sweat in style with our Active Work Out bundle. Made for fitness lovers who seek both functionality and hair protection during workouts.


  • Active Bandie in Black
  • Active Bandie in Violet
  • Active Bandie in Sage


  • Secure fit for any work out type
  • Sweat-wicking comfort
  • Style and function
  • For any hair type and style


The Fitness Enthusiast

For fitness fanatics who prioritize both style and practicality during their workouts. Ideal for those seeking a solution that combines hair care and active performance, helping them focus solely on achieving their fitness objectives.

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Active Bandies

Active Bandie in Black Active Bandie in Black

Experience exuberance with the collection made to move with you. Durable, supportive, and flexible, our activewear is ready for anything.

Active Bandie in Violet Active Bandie in Violet

Feel free and fit with a selection of stunning bandies crafted for comfort and movement. Explore the flex, sweat-proof sensation of our activewear meant for your workout routine and everything in between. With its creora lining, this collection offers protection while keeping perspiration in-place. Our principles are caring about your hair, while delivering coziness, confidence, and creativity. This collection was made for everyone and anyone looking for high-quality leisurewear and accessories that stay-in-place while you don’t! So whether you’re a gymbody or busybody, we’ve got you covered.

Active Bandie in Sage Active Bandie in Sage

Our activewear has easily become a must-have closet staple, coming in three versatile colors and easy-to-style bandies. Colors include a muted plum, a pearl blue, and a basic noir. We’re just getting started, so stay tuned and stay active.

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