Satin Head Scarf in Legacy

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Each WL Satin Head Scarf is made with a lightweight satin fabric that feels soft against your hair and skin. Featuring original prints designed in collaboration with women of color textile designers.


Our Satin Head Scarf boasts a silky-smooth and delicate texture that requires a few tips to ensure proper first-time use.  Dive into this article <<Reviving Your Satin Head Scarf: Tricks to Banish Wrinkles and Unleash Glamour>> to discover more about caring for this exquisite product.

Ngozi often meets with ancestors and entities during her meditation sessions. During one of these sessions, she was shown the shape and lines for a design which became the print we aptly named Legacy. She repeated the lines, added a strong border and a rich green. We hope you feel grounded and abundant while wearing Legacy.


100% Polyester

Both sides


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