Satin Lined Printed Bucket Hat in Umber

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A blend of style and cultural heritage, our bucket hats are made with 100% cotton and are lined with premium satin. Bold and vibrant patterns pay homage while lightweight cotton preps you for easy, everyday wear.


More than just a pattern of three lines, Malian culture views the spindle as a sacred symbol, imbued with both practical and spiritual importance. The symbol represents the process of transformation, taking raw materials and weaving them into something valuable and beautiful. It embodies the essence of wealth and prosperity, an emblem of the rich history and culture.

At The Wrap Life, we have reimagined this traditional design, infusing it with a vivid style that pays homage. Our version of the spindle is not only a visual representation of the power and meaning behind the symbol, but also a celebration of boldness. [Read more about the pattern story]

A contemporary print in our favorite golden-brown, ready for your earth tones or neutral pairings.


Cotton, Polyester

One side


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