The Halo

The Halo
Looking to add a bit more texture and flair to your wrap game? This one’s for you. This go-to style looks elegant and leaves you feeling angelic. Our Flair collection is a great option for this style as the fabric is just as soft as it is flexible. So, whether you’re preparing to be photo ready or aiming for protection, we’ve got you covered (or wrapped!).

Kassandra is using Dida in Black in this step-by-step tutorial. With its simple freckled black & white print, Dida in Black is as easy-to-style as it is to wrap. Pair with neutrals or vibrant colors, this print will help any outfit pop! So, use this speckled wrap or opt-in for any of the other nine gorgeous patterns in our Flair collection.

Also disclaimer: having a puff is NOT necessary, all lengths are hair types are welcome to trying these styles!

  1. Scrunch and evenly place the wrap in the front of your head so it is touching your hairline, ensuring it does not go past your crown
  2. Bring both sides of the wrap behind your head and cross them over and bring back to the front 
  3. Tuck one side of the loose fabric underneath your chin or have a wrapping partner hold it for you while you twist one side, twirling it to create a “rope”. Repeat to the other side tucking the “rope” underneath your chin or having your wrap partner hold the “rope” in place 
  4. Tightly cross both “ropes” over the front of your head forming an equal “=” sign or a horizontal parallel formation, tucking it behind your head in the pouch of fabric touching your nape. This should feel nice and secure! 
Seriously, how easy was that?


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