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Dainty Turbanette in Onyx

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 Inspired by the inky gemstone meant to rid negative energy, this TURBANETTE channels positive energy and even better style options. This obsidian shade of black is the ultimate mix-and-match staple meant for every wardrobe. 

Dainty offers gentleness, crafted for the lovers of all things soft and colorful. This collection is for intentional creators and feelers looking to cultivate softness as an essential staple.

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Dainty Turbanettes

Dainty Turbanette in Grey Dainty Turbanette in Grey

Provoke your senses with a delicate collection made to look and feel soft. A gentle classic, Dainty is made to wear.

Dainty Turbanette in Golden Dainty Turbanette in Golden

This collection offers an original “lifted” delicate stitch ––making for an exceptional aesthetic. Dainty colors include an orange-red, a vibrant yellow, and three must-have basics including grey, white, and black. Spice up your look, and dote on the collection made to be different.

Dainty Turbanette in Onyx Dainty Turbanette in Onyx

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95% Cotton, 5% Spandex

Product care

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  • Wash cold with like colors
  • Hang to dry
  • Tumble dry low

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